- Your personal data includes such things as your name, email id and telephone number. Personal data are only collected, processed, and/or used if you choose to provide us with this information, for instance when entering into or modifying a contractual relationship with us, or when registering for personalized services.

- As a contact/reference person for a customer or vendor of ours, we only store some basic information in our customer and vendor register such as your name, email address and/or contact information, depending on your role.

- Your data is only registered in our system for the purpose of communication, required to fulfill our obligations as a customer or vendor.  

- We have routines to ensure that our registers are updated regularly.

- Persons who occur in our system as a contact/reference have the right to control and update their information at all times.

- We do not sell any of the information that we receive.

- Visits to our site are tracked and we may use cookies to estimate its size audience so that we can assess which parts of our sites best serve our customers & suppliers in order to better tailor our information to their needs.

- Personal information may have to be transferred between Nordic- Emballasje companies or third parties in countries, where the level of protection does not necessarily meet EU legal requirements, in order to carry out the above or fulfil your customer needs. The recipient of such information shall be required to protect the confidentiality and security of the personal information and may not use it for any other purpose.


Please contact us at post@nordic-emballasje.no if you have further questions about how we handle personal data.